Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bumpin': Prenatal Workouts

Exercising while pregnant . . . somedays it almost seems like an oxymoron!  I am usually pretty active when I'm not pregnant; I go to the gym regularly and try and get several workouts in during the week.  Working out while pregnant has been an entirely different ballgame for me though.  At some points in my pregnancies I've remained dedicated, while at other times even attempting to workout has knocked me flat out on the couch making me feel much worse.  Do you like to workout while pregnant?  I have a friend who is diehard all through her pregnancy--she'll even leave an aerobics class to go and throw up and then return to class!  That's dedication if you ask me!

Throughout my three pregnancies, I've experimented with different types of workout routines (and I've done plenty of not working out at all), and I've found a few workouts that make me feel better, and some that I can tolerate better than others.  Here are some that I've liked, and some tips that I've found have helped me to stay active during pregnancy.

Prenatal Workout DVDs.  The two prenatal DVDs that I own and have enjoyed are Shiva Rea's Prenatal Yoga and Karyn Steben's The Perfect Pregnancy Workout.  I really like both of these DVDs and while the yoga isn't as tough of a workout, it has some great stretches that are just what a pregnant mama needs.

Zumba.  Another DVD, and while not made for pregnancy, but that I've recently started doing (WITH MODIFICATIONS!!!) is Zumba.  A couple of years ago, my mom and I got sucked into the infomercial (I've done Zumba at the gym and I love it), and we bought the Exhilirate 4 DVD Program.  These DVDs are a lot of fun, and were actually a major part of my exercise routine after I had Clara.  But, I've recently started doing the 20 minute Rush DVD for a manageable workout, with modifications of course to keep it low-impact, and it's added a fun element to my workout options.

Setting a goal to complete a 5K while pregnant!  At the beginning of this pregnancy, my family all decided to sign up for the Dana Point Turkey Trot 5K and 10K that we could run together over our Thanksgiving family vacation in Newport Beach.  Having set this goal helped me stay motivated to exercise even when I didn't really feel like it.  I was able to maintain a routine of running about twice a week throughout my first and second trimesters.  And, then on Thanksgiving, I completed the race! And, I was able to run about half of it, which was my goal all along.  As happy as I was about being able to run, I was also happy to hang up my running shoes once the race was over until the baby's born :)  Running is just a little too uncomfortable in late second and third trimesters!

Swimming.  Swimming laps in the pool where you don't feel the weight of the baby!  Not much more to say, but I've always enjoyed swimming, and even though my stamina isn't the same as it is when I'm not pregnant, this is one workout where I feel almost like my "normal" un-pregnant self!

Water Aerobics.  Yep, you heard me correctly!  Water aerobics!  News flash, anyone can do water aerobics, even if you're under age 65!!!  And it's fun.  And surprisingly a good workout.  Plus, at least in my experience, going to those classes with all the old-timers can be extremely entertaining!  The old men at my gym that go are seriously funny and they make wise-cracks throughout the entire class.  It's worth experiencing!

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