Friday, January 3, 2014

Bumpin': The Best Baby Products

It's been a while since I've done a Bumpin' post, and now that I'm almost 30 weeks (!), babies and baby supplies are on my mind! I've decided to put together a small list of my very favorite baby products, and then add a few that I'm hoping to get before baby #3 arrives!

Best Baby Products

Best Strollers

1. The Maclaren Techno XLR Buggy. Best around-town stroller.
2. The BOB Revolution SE. Best jogger out there. However, if you're only planning on buying one stroller, I would get this one. It works great around town, but it's also all terrain and ideal for walking and running.
*Both offer carseat attachments so that you can use with an infant. Additionally, the Maclaren reclines all the way so that you can strap a baby in lying all the way down.

Baby #3 Wishlist

1. A crib wedge cushion. We currently have a small one that I set in the crib to help with reflux and hiccups, and it works pretty well, but this version seems more effective and safer.
2. An Ergo carrier. We have the Baby Bjorn, but it tends to hurt my back once my babies reach about 12 pounds. We also have the Moby Wrap, and I liked it, but it got a little hot and Clara didn't really like to be in it past the first couple of months. So . . . it's time to try the Ergo!

What are your favorite baby products? Am I forgetting any can't-live-withouts???

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