Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bumpin': Cravings During Pregnancy

Aren't pregnancy cravings the weirdest thing? It's like all of a sudden you're pregnant and only the strangest things sound good to you! This pregnancy has been no different, although, now that I'm into my second trimester, most of my cravings are gone. Or I'll have a specific craving that will last until I eat it and then I'll be satisfied. But here are the things I just couldn't get enough of during my first trimester:

I remember one night I just couldn't stop eating carrots and blue cheese dressing. And let me just say that the carrots were more like the dressing to my blue cheese! I ate at least 4 full bowls of carrots that night. And that trend continued for a few weeks. I'm still craving pickles and nice, crunchy apples, and for the last couple of months, if I don't eat Cocoa Krispies for breakfast, it's a guarantee that I'll throw up! Isn't that the strangest thing???

With my first baby I craved french fries, fast food, and all citrus fruits. I was completely averse to any green vegetables and lemongrass and chile just made me sicker than sick! During my second pregnancy, all I wanted was sour gummy candy, pop tarts, and salads! So different from my first! 

What are some of your pregnancy cravings??? I'd love to hear. I think cravings are definitely one of the funniest parts of pregnancy!

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  1. Cocoa Krispies huh? I wonder if the baby can hear them snap, crackle, popping.