Sunday, October 12, 2014

William's Ninjago Birthday Party

The other day Will turned 5 years old!  Crazy how time flies!  Lately, Will has been really into the cartoon, Ninjago, which combines two of his favorite things: ninjas and legos.  So, of course, we had to plan a Ninjago birthday party.

And we had a lot of fun.  It was really easy and low-key, but the kids loved it.  Win-win.

We started the party by ninjafying (like that word?  totally works) all of the kids with handmade ninja hoods as they came in (I'll share a tutorial soon!).  

The first party game we played was a little chopstick race.  We got these awesome ninja chopsticks and gave each kids 5 pieces of cereal in a cup.  They had to pick a piece of cereal in their chopsticks and run it across the grass and drop it into an empty cup, and then go back and repeat until they'd done all 5 pieces.  This game was actually a little tricky for the younger kids (the kids at the party ranged in age from 4-8), but they all had a fun time trying!

Our next game was using ninja throwing stars.  We used this tutorial to make each kid two throwing stars.  Then, for the game, we just lined them up and let them try and throw their stars into a bucket.  Easiest game ever and the kids totally loved it.  They kept trying over and over.

And that's pretty much it!  After the games we ate cupcakes with frosting the colors of the 5 Ninjagos, and topped with paper eyes that I found here.  (That's also where I got the eyes for the balloons and the banner that I taped to the wall.)  Then we opened presents and gave all of the kids some cool, inflatable ninja swords and let them go crazy.  

Happy birthday to my ninja warrior!!!

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