Thursday, October 2, 2014

Kyoto Trip: Heian Jingu Shrine and Silver Pavilion

Our last couple of stops on our Kyoto Trip were to the Heian Jingu Shrine and the Silver Pavilion.  The big draw for us to visit the Heian Jingu Shrine was the gardens with their stepping stones across the pond.  Or at least this was how we got the kids excited to visit yet another shrine!  But, the pond lived up to the hype and the kids crossed over on the stones two or three times and had a blast.

The gardens were absolutely gorgeous though and so peaceful.  As we walked along the winding paths through the gardens, we were pleasantly surprised at the end when we came across a long covered bridge with benches to sit overlook the scenery and the shrines.  While we were sitting on the bridge, we saw boxes of bread to feed the fish and turtles.  The kids were thrilled and had a fun time feeding them before we were on our way.

Just like Heian Jingu, and all of the other shrines we visited in Kyoto, the Silver Pavilion also had beautiful gardens, as well as incredible dry sand zen gardens.  What is most interesting about the Silver Pavilion is that it doesn't have any silver on it!

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The gardens were surrounded by bamboo forests and the paths lead up a mountainside with beautiful views of Kyoto from the top.  It was a perfect end to a perfect week in Kyoto!

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