Monday, October 13, 2014

Noyama Kita, Obstacle Course Park

Japan is beautiful.  And it has the most incredible, fun parks that we've ever visited.  Last week, as part of Will's birthday celebration, we went to Noyama Kita, an obstacle course park built up a hillside, about 10 minutes from base.

Earlier, when we were telling the kids where we were going later, we told them it was an obstacle course park, like a ninja training obstacle course park, and so, of course, Will was totally amped about going.  And then as we walked through the entrance of the park, towards the first obstacle he'd have to climb over, he turned to me and said, "Because of course ninjas have to train."  So funny!  It was like he'd been thinking about the park and about ninjas, and then just shared with me what he was thinking mid-thought!  Man, I love that kid.

The ONLY thing I wish was different about this park is the mud!  It's super muddy, and we even went on a dry day!  So, if you ever find yourself at this park, wear things you don't mind getting dirty, and bring some bug spray too!  Other than the mud and the mosquitos, this park was seriously an A+.  All of us, Peter and myself included, especially loved the slide.  It's fast enough that it's fun for adults, but not too steep, making it not scary for kids!  We kept going on it over and over again.

Getting to this park from base is super easy.  Go left out the East gate and turn right at the first light.  Turn left on the street where Aeon Mall is and drive a ways past the mall.  When you hit the large onsen on the left (right before the road curves up and to the right), turn left.  The park will be on your right, with a large parking lot on the left, directly across from the entrance of the park.

GPS Coordinates:  35.7635, 139.3861

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