Monday, August 18, 2014

Date Night at Sushi Kazu

For Peter's and my first date night in Japan, we went and got sushi.  Sushi is my very favorite food, and I had been dying to eat real, authentic sushi here in the Motherland.  So, upon a recommendation from one of Peter's coworkers who is from here, we ventured out to a place pretty close to base that was supposed to be fabulous.  We found the restaurant and walked in, only to find that every chair was filled.  The sushi chef apologized that there was no room and politely just waved us off.  Um, okay.  What do we do now???

We decided that another sushi restaurant had to be close by, so we started roaming the streets (poor Peter was carrying Bennett in the carseat the whole time, which is no small endeavor--that kid is heavy!) looking for a place to eat.  After about 20 minutes of walking and searching, we were about to give up as we reached the end of the street on which we were walking.  I saw a small restuarant-looking place, and peeked through the paper windows, and hooray!  I found a little sushi restaurant!  And by little, I mean very small.  Like 3 seats at the sushi counter and one table that could fit maybe 5 people.  And that's it.  It was a total mom and pop place, with pop as sushi chef, and mom as the server wearing traditional clothing with a white smock for working worn over her clothes.

After being seated, and ordering (we had the choice of two sushi combo platters--that was the entire menu!), we proceeded to eat THE BEST SUSHI OF OUR LIVES.  Seriously.  I don't really know what else to say.  The fish was perfect, and we were completely in awe as we watched the sushi chef make each roll.  That night set a pretty great precedent for our date nights in Japan!

(Please excuse the poorly-lit, poor-quality iPhone pictures--they really don't do it justice!)

Sushi Kazu
GPS Coordinates: 
35.742900, 139.329555

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