Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Yu Kids Play Land at Hinode Aeon Mall

I'm still trying to get caught up on what we've been up to since we've been in Japan!  Minus the fact that we still don't have any of our household belongings, we're into a pretty regular schedule now.  Peter goes to work, we run errands, Bennett has started getting into a regular napping schedule, and we have a fun playgroup that we're part of.

A couple of weeks ago, because it was raining (lately it seems like it's always raining!), we decided to go to an indoor play land at one of the local malls for our playgroup.  It's called Yu Kids and it's located at Hinode Mall.  And it's AWESOME.  I wish I had gotten better pictures so that you could really get the whole effect, but hopefully you can get a feel for it from these pictures.  Everything was white or neon, glowing, bouncy, or spinning.  They had an area that just blew balloons around in the air, and the kids went crazy in there!  Lots of bounce house type sections, slides, and then these cool twisting and turning apparatuses that the kids could climb on and try to hold onto as they spun around.  They also had these big balls that hung down from tree-looking things that the kids could swing on.  It was seriously so cool and William and Clara and all of their friends had a blast.  A 5 time punch card was only ¥2400, so not totally cheap, but not too bad and the kids played so hard, that I know we'll get our money's worth!  We will definitely be going back to play some more!

Hinode Aeon Mall GPS Coordinates: 
35.735070, 139.275263

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