Monday, August 18, 2014

Tanabata Festival

We've only been in Japan for about three and a half weeks, yet we feel like we've been able to experience so much already!  It makes me excited for how much we will be able to do and see in the next three years.  Last week was the annual Tanabata Festival here in Fussa.  The festival is always centered right around the Fussa train station, and just blocks from base, giving us no other excuse than to go and participate in the festivities!

The streets were decorated with streamers and all sorts of festive paper creations.  Many people dress in traditional clothing for the festivals here, so it was fun to see so many different brightly colored kimonos up close.  AND THE FOOD!  So good.  Think of street food in New York or maybe carnival food and then bump the quality and taste up about 500 notches and you'll get street food at a Japanese festival!  Yakitori (meat on a stick), okonimiyaki (vegetable pancakes), karage (Japanese style fried chicken nuggets), pancake balls (no idea what the correct name is!), yakisoba (fried noodles), and all sorts of fish on a stick, just to name a few things.  And it's all so delicious.  

There were also a bunch of little carnival games for the kids and small toys for sale.  This was, of course, Will's favorite part of the festival.  

We love going to our local festival, but next time we go to a festival, you can count on Clara being dressed up!  Kawaii!!!

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