Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bumpin': 38 Weeks and the Countdown is On!

Time is moving at an all-time slow speed these days . . . I'm officially 38 weeks tomorrow and I feel like I've never not been pregnant.  William was born at 38 weeks to the day, and Clara was induced at 39 weeks (after about 2 weeks of pre-labor contractions!), so I'm hoping this baby follows suit and comes early!  But anyway, just so my little baby #3 sees at least two photos of his mama pregnant (I don't think I've taken an official belly picture since this one when we found out we were having a boy), here ya go, me at 38 weeks and officially huge :)

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  1. You really do look great, btw. And I hope that he gets here soon too! Can't wait to see him.