Friday, February 21, 2014

Kickin' it in SA: Bakery Lorraine and The Twig Book Shop Storytime

I love an outing that's partly for the kids, and partly for the mama.  Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to chill all morning at the zoo or Kiddie Park or at a children's museum, but it's extra nice when there's a little something for mamas to enjoy as well.  And that's why today's outing was so great--I mean, can you say pain au chocolate, macaron, or morning buns without your mouth watering and jumping into your minivan to get those beauties in your belly?!  

This morning, that's exactly what we did.  We met up with friends to get some tasty pastries at Bakery Lorraine and then we went on to the fabulous Wild and Wacky Storytime with Miss Anastasia at The Twig Book Shop

Clara sitting on the porch of Bakery Lorraine

Bakery Lorraine is the cutest little bakery, located near the Pearl Brewery in San Antonio, that sells the most delicious macarons, among other delicacies.  From the outside, the bakery looks like a quaint gray home with a white picket fence and a garden in the backyard, but get a little closer and you'll begin to get wafts of delicious sugary pastries!  This is definitely a spot to take your friends and family that appreciate the finer things in life :)  But that being said, my 2 year old can pound those macarons like nobody's business!  Today's flavors were: pistachio, black current/dark chocolate, and lemon or lime and olive oil.  The pistachio was PERFECT.  I want to eat 20 more!

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So, after we indulged in almond tarts, morning buns, and macarons, we went around the corner to the Pearl Brewery for storytime with Miss Anastasia at The Twig Book Shop.  Miss Anastasia is hands down the best storyteller ever.  Ever.  Check out the many faces of Miss Anastasia that The Twig posted on their website:

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How could she not get you excited about reading???  Will ate up every word that she read, and to be honest, so did I!  (Now, if only I could get Clara to sit still for more than 90 seconds at a time, then I really could have enjoyed it!)  And not only does Miss Anastasia always read more than 1 book (today she read 4!), there are always crafts and treats that follow!  It's pretty much what Will would describe as the perfect way to spend an hour.  He loved it.  Below are pictures of Will enjoying storytime and getting involved with the hand actions (I think he was the only kid to participate :)), and then showing off his gold medal craft that he made at the end.

 Sorry about the blurry iPhone photo!

 So . . . in short, GO TO BOTH OF THESE PLACES!  Seriously.  You won't be disappointed!  Storytime at The Twig is every Friday at 10:30am, which is the perfect time if you want to stop at Bakery Lorraine beforehand for a delectable breakfast :)

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