Monday, November 4, 2013

Kickin' it in SA: Sea World San Antonio

For this week's Kickin' it in SA post, I thought I'd talk about Sea World. Here in San Antonio, having Sea World season passes is a must. Especially in the summer. Sea World San Antonio not only has all of the sea life and fun rides that you'd expect, but they also have the Bay of Play, which is an area just for kids equipped with a huge splash pad, and even better, Aquatica, their very own water park. Where we have weeks on end with 100ยบ+ weather, it's nice to be able to escape to a fun water park that is catered to kids. We definitely get our money's worth each summer! It's really fun for the whole family--they've got water slides and rides that are fun for adults, a wave pool, lazy river, and numerous shallow, kiddie pools and play areas.

So, we usually live it up in Aquatica all summer long and then do all of our dolphin feeding and Shamu and penguin watching during the fall and winter (when it's not too hot to be walking around all day). If you're planning a trip out to SA, especially if you'll be coming in the summer, make sure to hit up Sea World! You won't regret it :)

*In case you're wondering, all of our water shots were taken with our GoPro. Most people use their GoPro's for extreme sports, we like to use ours for taking pictures and videos of our kids learning how to swim :) 

Obviously some of these photos were taken pre-pregnancy #3 . . . 

It's fun to go during the holidays as well. This last weekend we went to enjoy their Halloween festivities. They had a bunch of characters dressed up in costumes as well as trick or treating around the park for the kids. Will LOVED it, although they handed out a lot of Lemonhead candy, of which he isn't a huge fan. They tasted great to this pregnant mama though! Plus, I got double because Clarabelle doesn't quite have the teeth to handle those things. Score for me.

In case Sea World isn't for you, check out my other Kickin' it in SA posts; you can always stay in your air conditioned car while checking out the exotic animals at a drive-through safari or meet up for a museum playdate if those are more your thing :)

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  1. That picture of you and Will (maybe on the roller coaster) is so cute!