Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kickin' it in SA: SAMA Playdate

Welcome to our new series, Kickin' it in SA, where I will spotlight different spots and things to do in San Antonio (and in the future, wherever the Air Force takes us!). We love exploring our city and trying to make the most of wherever we are living.

For this week's Kickin' It, Will, Clara, and I met up with some friends (Melissa of @half_pints) at the San Antonio Museum of Art for their weekly Playdate. Today's Playdate (free with regular admission, half off for military, and kids under 12 are free!) was called Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! Perfect for our "B" of our ABC's of Summer as well!

The activities were cute and perfect for toddlers. We started out by matching the same color bugs to the colors they had laid out on a mat. Then we moved on to color bug coloring pages with Crayola Oil Pastels; I haven't used those since art class in elementary school! And I didn't realize how much I have missed them!!! lol. Seriously though. Those things are awesome.

After coloring, the docents (interns? fun and cute girls??) talked to the kids about bugs, specifically rollie pollies, and had some in a small container to show the kids. Then they took us all on a small scavenger hunt to find the scarab beetle on a piece of art. And Will found the beetle on the head of a mummy!

After the scavenger hunt was the kids' favorite part of the Playdate. They each were given a pipe cleaner with a beetle looking bead and then allowed to make their own bracelets with additional beads. Super cute.

Overall, a fun day! The SAMA Playdates were worth the trip! I'm glad we went and explored the museum. This was such a fun activity for kids, because, whereas this museum isn't necessarily kid-friendly, or anywhere I'd take toddlers usually, this activity opened the museum up for us. We explored for a few minutes after the playdate, but once it was apparent that our kids were getting a little too wound up for such delicate spaces, we headed out.

apparently Will  lost a leg in this picture!

From the museum, we drove over to The Cove which has great food--they're famous for their fish tacos and were featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives! But the real bonus for families is their playground in the back for kiddies to play on while they wait for their food.

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So . . . if you're in San Antonio this summer, make sure to check out SAMA's Playdates and grab a bite at the Cove! And, now I'll send you off with a little art installation that was on a wall outside of the SAMA. Words to live by :)


  1. What a great way to introduce history and culture to your children!

  2. Will's lack of a leg is killing me!!

  3. Great blog Emily! When we get to SA you are going to have to show me all these cool places.

  4. i'm happy I found your blog! I'm in SA too and found your blog when searching for more info on SAMA playdates :) Our daughter is almost 19 months and I was curious about them! LOVE love the Cove too!

    1. Hi Jessica! Welcome to our blog! Have you done the SAMA playdates yet? When we went, my daughter was about 16 months, and while she didn't get quite as much out of it has her 3 year old brother, she still had fun coloring and playing the little toys and activities that they had! So, with your daughter being a little older, I bet she'd love it! What other things do you like to do with kids in San Antonio???