Friday, October 11, 2013

Will's Paw Patrol Birthday Party

Yesterday Will turned 4 years old! He had a great day, starting with presents from Mom and Dad, then preschool with doughnuts, Grandma Jenny and Papi arriving in town, and then the big event: his Paw Patrol birthday party with friends!

His party was pretty low-key, but seemed just right for a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds. Here's the play by play for our party:

We started out by doing simple puzzles (all of my printables were found at

Then we colored the badges and played Pin the Badge on Marshall

Will was the only one to get the badge in the right spot. Later we asked him about it and he said he could see! Lol. Little cheater.

After that, we made them eat like dogs! No hands! And we played the classic donut-on-a-string game. It was pretty hard for a bunch of little boys :) But definitely funny to watch!

Next was the game that stole the show. The obstacle course! Peter set up a really fun and simple course in the backyard and the boys absolutely loved it. Here's the course, obstacle by obstacle.

First, they had to swing on their tummies, then get off and run under the swing . . . 

Over to the jumping jack box where they had to do 5 jumping jacks. Watching 3 and 4 year olds do jumping jacks is also pretty funny :)

Next, over and under the strings . . . 

And off to jump to save (aka hit really hard) the doggy stuck in the tree . . . 

And last to climb the ladder and spray the bucket until it gets knocked off of the table!

Once the obstacle course was over and each boy was awarded with their doggy bone (plastic bones I found at the party store, which were actually small Halloween decorations), we went inside for popcorn and cupcakes!

When I asked Will what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday, he had very specific instructions for me. He said that he wanted cupcakes that had toys on top which each of his friends could take home afterwards. Okay Will, whatever you say! We had the cute Dalmatian and firefighter cupcake liners and toppers already (my mom had given them to me about a year ago; I think she got them from Home Goods), and then we went to the party store and found small, plastic doggies to place on top! Easy peasy. And I printed out the popcorn holders here and just taped them together.

After playing some more and presents, each kid got their Paw Patrol "puppy kit" backpacks filled with party favors (these, these, and these).

Party success!!!! It's fun to be 4!!!!

**UPDATE: Here is the tutorial on how to make your own puppy kit backpack! They're super simple and easy to customize for any child or party!**


  1. Those backpacks are so cute - really wish I could sew!

  2. Great party! I am in the process of gathering ideas's for my son's 3rd bday and he's all about Paw patrol! Thanks for the ideas and links.

  3. I can't agree more! My son will be 3 in March and everything is Paw Patrol at our house too! Thanks for some great ideas!

  4. Yesterday Will turned 4 years old! He had a great day, starting with presents from Mom and Dad, then preschool with doughnuts, Grandma ...

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  7. That sounds like a wonderful party!! The party theme was also great. Last year I threw such a blasting birthday party for my son. This year we will be celebrating his birthday at an outdoor NYC venues. He is so excited to visit NYC on his birthday!!