Sunday, October 13, 2013

Paw Patrol "Puppy Kit" Backpack Tutorial

Since William is totally into the Nick Jr. TV show Paw Patrol, he, of course, wanted to have a Paw Patrol birthday party. As I was trying to figure out how to put his party together, I realized that he had already thought most of it through! He knew exactly what he wanted. He told me that he wanted "puppy kits" for each of his friends and himself. Okay . . . puppy kits. So then I just had to figure out how to make puppy kits for all the boys!

*Clarification: puppy kits are the backpacks that the puppies wear on the show. They are the kits that contain their rescue gear (each puppy is a different kind of rescue pup: police, fire, construction, flying, recycling, and water).*

I decided that the easiest way to make the puppy kits would be to just make simple backpacks. These could then also double as the bags for their party favors. Will loved the idea and so we got to work. Keep reading if you'd like to learn how to make your own puppy kit, aka easy, cute little backpack!

Materials Needed:
-1/2 yard fabric (there will be a little extra left over)
-30" of cotton or nylon straps (mine were cotton and I bought them by the yard from Joann's)
-matching thread
-sewing maching
-iron-on t-shirt transfers (I bought mine from Target)

First, cut two pieces of your fabric to your desired size (I used basic quilting cotton, although just about any fabric would work for this project. A duck cloth or canvas would make a sturdier backpack). For my 4 year old, I decided 10 inches wide and 12 inches tall would be just the right size. (This would be easy to make for an older child or adult; just add inches and measure it to your back to get your desired size, and do the same with the straps.)

At this time you can also cut your two straps. Cut them to 15 inches each.

Now it's time to print out the picture you want on your backpack onto the t-shirt transfer paper. I couldn't find the exact image I was looking for, so I found these party blower tags and then printed the image onto the transfer paper and cut them down to size.

Once your image is cut out, just peel the back paper off of the image to get ready to iron it onto your fabric.

Place the image where you'd like it on the front piece of your fabric and then just iron it down! Don't forget to place a towel between your image and fabric; if you don't, the image will stick to your hot iron!

Once your image is on, it's time to sew. Start by taking both the front and back pieces of fabric and fold the tops under twice (towards the wrong side of the fabric) and pin it down for the hem. I folded mine 1/2" each time. Sew the folded area down.

Next, place the two pieces right sides together and sandwich the strap between them. The bottom of the strap should be flush with the bottom of the fabric. Place the strap 1/2" in from the edge to allot for the seam allowance on the sides. 

Once it's all pinned down, sew along the two sides and bottom edges.

Turn the backpack right side out. You should have the two straps hanging down from the bottom.

Next you will pin the tops of the straps into the inside of the back piece of fabric. Be sure not to twist your straps! Line the strap up right next to the side seams.

Sew the strap down. I sewed a box on the fabric, but you could do a couple of lines, or however you choose, as long as it's tacked down securely.

And, voila! Your puppy kit is complete! Obviously, this backpack could be left plain, embroidered, or decorated with any sort of image you choose. The options are endless!

Now, go and make a whole stack of them to send home with your kid's friends!


  1. That is so cute. I am so glad you posted this.

  2. Thanks so much for this tutorial, we are having us a 3rd Birthday party and nothing but Paw Patrol will do!

  3. Thank´s a lot for this tutorial, I am from México and my son love this cartoon, he say "I want my party of patrulla de cachorros (in spanish Paw Patrol) and here is complicated found party supplies for them. Thank´s again!!!