Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Our Family's WALL-E Themed Halloween Costumes

WALL-E, Eve, John and Mary Halloween Costumes!

These pictures were taken at our Church Halloween party last weekend.

Will loves the movie WALL-E, so this year, we decided to continue with our family-themed Halloween costumes (pictured at the bottom of the linked post) and all be characters from WALL-E! Will is WALL-E, of course, little Clara is Eve, and Peter and I are dressing up as John and Mary. 

We had a lot of fun making these costumes; Peter took the lead on WALL-E, while I put together the Eve, John, and Mary costumes. Here's a quick explanation of how we made our costumes.

For WALL-E: 

First take a square box and cut holes for the head and arms.

Spray paint the box yellow. (Peter also wrapped duck tape around the hole's cut edges so they wouldn't be so rough against Will's skin.)

Cut two long strips of cardboard (these will become the wheels) and spray paint them black.

Bend them into the shape of the wheels and glue them to the sides of the box.

Finish the WALL-E box by using duck tape and printing out/drawing on WALL-E's solar panel charger, battery light, and insignia.

For the arm bands, Peter just took two small pieces of cardboard and alternated white and black tape to make the reflective looking stripes. Then he attached two hair elastics to the back so that Will could slip them onto his arms.

The eye pieces were created by bending cardboard into the desired shapes and then covering them with duck tape and drawing the eyes onto the front. Then, Peter cut two small holes in the back and strung an elastic band through them.

Will could then just wear the eyes over one of his hats by just putting the elastic around his head and letting the eyes rest on the brim.

And WALL-E is done!

For Eve:

I just took a piece of cardboard and cut it into an oval and then cut a hole in the middle for her head.

Then I just took fabric and wrapped it around the cardboard so that it was completely covered. After that I stitched a long piece of fabric around the edge so that it hung down. I sewed elastic to the bottom so that it would gather and then just cut arm holes on the sides for her arms.

For the headpiece, we just covered her bike helmet with fabric and tucked it inside. Then I cut out a piece of cardboard, covered it in black duck tape and drew eyes and stuck them on. Then I safety pinned the eyes to the fabric on the outside of the helmet.

John and Mary:

These were definitely the easiest and quickest costumes to make! We bought cheap, red sweats and cut them off to make short sleeves and shorts on bottom. I hemmed them up and then used white athletic tape for the stripes by just taping them right to the sweatshirt tops. For both Eve's plant symbol and John and Mary's BNL symbols, we found the images online and then just printed them onto iron-on transfer paper that I found at Target. So easy!

And there you have it! Our family WALL-E costumes!

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  1. You guys are so creative. Really, the best costumes I've seen.

  2. Such dedicated parents, very cute!