Sunday, October 27, 2013

Will's Halloween Shirt

Last week, on a whim, William and I decided to make him a quick Halloween shirt for all of this week's festivities. I'm glad we did it--it didn't take long at all, but was a fun project for us to work on together and it ended up really cute! (Or at least we thought so :))

It's definitely not perfect--I'm no artist, and Will helping me with the paint caused a few smudges, but he loves it and has already worn it twice! Plus, it's just a festive shirt that will only be worn during this time of year, so we're embracing its imperfectness and getting into the Halloween spirit!

This shirt was super easy to make. I just drew our pictures onto freezer paper, cut them out (creating stencils) and ironed them onto the front of the shirt (glossy side down). Then we just used acrylic paint to fill in the stencils. So easy. This was actually my first time using acrylic paint on clothes, but so far it seems to be equal to any fabric paint I've used in the past. But just in case, treat it as if you were using fabric paint and make sure to set the paint (after it dries) with an iron and then wait 72 hours to wash it.

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