Monday, October 7, 2013

DIY Halloween Roundup

I thought I'd put together a list of easy, cute DIY Halloween costumes for you to peruse as you and your kids are thinking about what to be for Halloween. (Click on the name of the costume for the link to the instructions.)

A couple of years ago, we went for a family of gnomes, modeled after this little one:

Here's our version. Will hated the outfit and refused to wear his beard :) He actually later ended up changing into some skeleton pajamas . . . But at least we tried!

And last year, our family went as the Avengers:

Here's a close-up of Black Widow and Iron Man: 

And one of Captain America and Hulk:

Here are some basic instructions to make the Avengers costumes:

Captain America:
-We bought his mask here.
-We bought these gloves, although, last year we were able to find them from Amazon for a better price
-We bought the boot covers here.
-To make the shield, we cut a large piece of cardboard in a circle and then used acrylic paint to paint the star and strips. Then we formed a strap with duck tape behind for him to hold.
-We found his blue pants at TJ Maxx.
-We made his shirt by buying a blue short sleeve shirt and a white long sleeve shirt (from Hobby Lobby when they were 30% off). Then I cut the blue shirt off at the waist and sewed it to the white shirt (we cut the neck out of the white shirt so that it wouldn't be visible behind his blue collar). We just pulled the long sleeves out through the blue short sleeves. Then we used fabric paint to paint the red stripes onto the white portion of the fabric and the white star on the top portion.
-We already owned the belt.

Black Widow:
-I already owned the black long sleeved shirt, black riding pants, and black boots!
-The belt is one of my husband's Air Force deployment issues. It's a utility belt that held his thermos.
(This was definitely the easiest costume to put together!)

-We bought the Hulk pajamas from the Disney Store, but it doesn't look like they sell them anymore. We chose to go with the jammies because they were less than half the price of the Hulk costume and he'd be able to get tons of use out of them as actual pajamas! They were well worth the purchase.
-We bought his gloves here.
-I made his mask using this tutorial

Iron Man:
-We bought a red onesie (I can't remember where it's from) and I stitched a yellow triangle onto the front, and a couple of yellow patches onto the elbows.
-I made a pair of simple baby leggings out of a $5 women's H&M skirt, only because I couldn't find yellow leggings anywhere!
-I made the mask using the same tutorial as Hulk's.
-I made a simple felt flower and glued it to a yellow headband because I was worried people would think our Iron Man was a boy and not our cute little girl!

Stay tuned for our costumes this year . . . !!!! This time I promise there will be more explanatory instructions!

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