Thursday, January 21, 2016

Adventures in Cambodia

Early last December, we, along with our friends the Millers and the Okudas, went on an epic trip to Cambodia and Vietnam.  It was an unbelievable experience that I hope to never forget!  After a long day of traveling, we arrived in Siem Reap and were picked up at the airport and taken to the Airbnb home that we had rented for the 4 days we were going to be there.

Before we get into all of our adventures, here's Benny giving us a little tour of the property we rented in Cambodia.  It was an awesome home--not in a touristy area at all, and there was tons of space to relax and enjoy the Cambodian nature.  There was one main house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and then an additional small cottage that had its own bedroom and bathroom (that's where our family stayed).  In the middle of the yard were several hammocks and an elevated, covered loft with chairs and a daybed.  Then there was an outdoor kitchen with a large dining table, more seating, and a pool table.  It was really a beautiful and fun property.  The kids loved being free to roam around and explore.

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