Thursday, December 31, 2015

Our Weekend in Sendai - City Chillin' with the Sendai Daikannon and Date Masamune

The one thing Peter wanted to do most when we visited Sendai (besides eating gigantic shrimp) was to just walk around the streets of downtown Sendai and hang out, since that's not really something that he was able to do as a missionary.  He spent plenty of time in the city, but he was always going about his missionary work, so he really loved being back and being able to shop, eat out, and just enjoy the city life!

We took kids to shabu shabu for the first time in Sendai and they loved it!  And Benny didn't even grab the hot pot!

Sendai is home to the Sendai Daikannon which is like the 9th tallest statue in the world, or something like that.  So, we went to see it, but I was not prepared to see what we saw as we drove up the street:

This thing is HUGE!!!

And she's standing on a dragon!  It's pretty awesome.  Inside the diakannon are all of the gods representing the zodiac years as well as several buddha statues, and then you can go up 12 stories to see the views from the top.  It's amazing to be inside such a huge statue!

Right after we left the daikannon, we rushed over to the statue of Date Masamune, whose mausoleum we had visited a couple days before.  We were able to see the statue right as the sun was setting and it was beautiful!  And a great way to end our long weekend in Sendai!

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