Sunday, November 1, 2015

Exploring Akihabara

My cousin, Ali and her husband, Scott, came to Tokyo last week and we had fun showing them some of our favorite spots, plus checking out some new places!  Scott really wanted to shop around Akihabara, the electronics and manga district of Tokyo, and this is something that we'd been wanting to do since we got here as well, so it worked out perfectly!  Akihabara is full of stores selling video games and gaming systems, all kinds of figurines, hard-to-find toys, comic books, and electronics.  It's pretty much a nerd's dream come true.  So Peter and Scott were in heaven :)

We had fun checking out the stores and then hitting up the huge, multi-floor, electronics store, Yodobashi.  This picture cracks me.  There was a Japanese man taking a little snooze on this couch in the store.  Both Will and Clara were tired from all of our walking, and this was the only place to sit, so they just cozied right up to the sleeping man!  So funny.  

GPS Coordinates for Akihabara Station:  35.698619, 139.773075

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