Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cup Noodles Museum

Last weekend we went down to Yokohama with lofty goals.  We planned on going to Cup Noodles Museum, Leonard's for malasadas (the most delicious Hawaiin donuts ever, and they have a location in Yokohama!), for a walk along the pier/port area, and to Chinatown.  However, after spending 2.5 hours at Cup Noodles, we were spent and decided to grab some malasadas and head home.  So, we're excited to get down to Yokohama another time to visit the places we didn't have time for this time around.  

The Cup Noodles Museum was so much fun!!!  And, the story of Momofuku Ando, the creator of Cup Noodles is fascinating.  The museum is really interactive and the kids had a blast.

The first thing we did was make our own Cup Noodles!  This place was crazy!  

Just like everything else in Japan, we began by buying our cups from a vending machine :)

Then, we got to decorate them ourselves . . .

After we were done coloring our cups, we got in line to create our own personalized cup of noodles.  First, we watched the noodles come down the conveyor belt . . .

Then we got to turn the crank so that our noodles got into our cups.  After the noodles were in the cups, we got to choose our flavor of broth and toppings.

And last, we stuck our noodles in plastics bags and puffed them full of air so that they'd stay protected!  Every step along the way was awesome, but these plastic bags really cracked me up!

After making our own personalized cups, we went and ate some delicious noodles in their little noodle city.  They had noodle dishes from Thailand, Japan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Italy.  We tried the Japanese ramen, Indonesian mi goreng, and Chinese spicy beef noodle soup.  They were all sooooo good!

Then, while the kids played in the awesome kid play place (they pretended like they were the cup of noodles being made!), Bennett and I walked through the museum and learned more about Momofuku.

And, then, before we left, we went and checked out the gallery of every type of Cup Noodle ever made!  I had no idea they made so many different types of instant noodles!  The kids loved it too, and here they are giving one last ninja pose with the noodles!

And, of course, the next day for lunch, we had to eat our original Cup Noodles!  YUM!

GPS Coordinates:  
35.487469, 139.638374

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