Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Chureito Pagoda

Seeing Mt. Fuji is always a treat, especially when the view is perfectly framed with the cutest little red pagoda!  The Chureito Pagoda was built in the 60s as a peace memorial for all the Japanese fallen soldiers that fought in the wars past.  

There are about 400 stairs leading up to the pagoda from the shrine, and trust me when I say that I felt every single one of them!  William, on the other hand, had endless amounts of energy and literally bounded up them!  That kid was cracking me up.  

But, if the stairs aren't enough to take your breath away, the view of Mt. Fuji surely will!

This trip was great for the kids; they were able to get their energy out and is was a fairly quick visit (although there are hiking paths that lead up to the top of the mountain if you're up for a much longer day!).  

GPS Coordinates: 35.49969, 138.80025

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  1. Wonderful post and pictures. I visited Chureito Pagoda in Cherry blossom in April,16 and it was a treat to watch. Viewing sunrise from the top is one of the best activity to do in lake Kawaguchiko area in my onion. Check my experience and some amazing photographs on my blog post.