Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hakone: Open Air Museum

After visiting Owakudani, we made our way over to The Hakone Open Air Museum, which is just what it sounds like: an outdoor museum.  There are sculptures and exhibits scattered beautifully throughout the museum's fields and gardens.  The artwork was really wonderful, and worth seeing; they even have an entire indoor Picasso exhibit!  But, the real reason we went, was for the giant play sculpture nets!  These nets were layered and the kids had to climb through holes to reach the top.  They had a blast climbing, swinging, and playing around!  Next time we go, we'll spend more time on the grounds, exploring and letting the kids run around, but it was a bit cold this time.  

Right near the nets was a giant maze-garden thing.  It was really fun, and I can only imagine it would be even more beautiful in the spring when the plants are all in bloom.  Will and Clara had a great time chasing Peter around and trying to find him as he'd hide.  Can you spot him in the picture below???

And lastly, this sculpture was a giant, metallic, reflective ball that was hung above the walkway.  And there we are, just looking right up at it!

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  1. Did the kids get claustrophobic in those nets?? That place looks so unique. ️Benny is looking so old now.