Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hakone: The Fujiya Hotel

On our short trip to Hakone, we stayed at the old Fujiya Hotel.  It's a beautiful old building that has been around for a long time.  Built in 1878, it has hosted tons of famous people over the years.  Staying there really feels like you're stepping back in time.  The Fujiya gets a lot of hype, and it is a really really cool building, but it is old.  Many things about the hotel have not been updated, so if you're staying there, it's best not to expect nice, new rooms or amenities!  In fact, I was a touch disappointed with the quality of the actual room given the price, even though the hotel itself was really pretty.

The exterior of the hotel and the grounds are beautiful though!  They have a large, multilevel garden in the back, complete with a koi pond, pagodas, gazebos, and bonsai trees.  We had fun wandering through and admiring the natural beauty.  And, I am sure that in the spring and summer the gardens are even more beautiful!

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