Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Last week, since we were already in Odaiba, at Legoland, we decided to spend some more time exploring the area afterwards.  And the verdict: Odaiba is awesome!  It's a small manmade island in the Tokyo Port areas of the Tokyo Bay.  Between the beach, restaurants, and tons of shopping, it's a really fun place to visit and it's so pretty!  I don't think I was expecting the views to be so incredible, but they really were.

We walked through the shops a little bit, grabbed some crepes and boba drinks, and then headed down to the water.  The kids had a fun time splashing around, minus Bennett who had to keep an eye on our shoes ;)

After seeing a few people out in the water, I'm anxious to go back and rent stand-up paddle boards and paddle around the bay!

Once we got our fill of sea water and sand in our toes, we walked over to check out the Statue of Liberty.  Yep, you heard that right.  Not quite as grand as ours in the US, but Japan has their very own, it's just a bit smaller!

Then we walked back off the shoreline to Diver City, one of the malls in the area, so that we could get a glimpse of Gundam Man, a giant robot standing nearby.

There's a ton more to do in Odaiba, but after a long day of taking trains all over and playing hard at Legoland, we were beat!  Luckily, it's only an hour and a half away, so we can go back whenever we want . . . but next time, if we leave during rush hour like we did on this trip, we'll be sure not to take our stroller :)

Train stations at Odaiba: Daiba, Tokyo Teleport, Odaibakaihinkoen

GPS Coordinates for Odaiba:
35.628924, 139.776292

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