Friday, September 5, 2014

Legoland Tokyo

It's no secret that we love Legos in our family.  Peter and I have just as much fun building with them as Will does, and I think Peter even gets the most excited about all of the cool sets that Lego offers.  So, when we heard that Tokyo had a Legoland, we knew we had to go!

Located in Odaiba in Tokyo, it's about an hour and a half from the base by train.  Not too bad if you plan on spending some time out there, which is easy to do, especially since Odaiba is such a fun area (post on Odaiba coming soon!).

Now, this Legoland really doesn't compare to Legoland in San Diego, which is a huge amusement park.  Its full name is Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo, which is a pretty accurate description of what it's like.  There are only two rides, it's all indoor, and it's much smaller in comparison.  But that didn't make it any less fun!  Our kids had a blast--I think we spent about 3 or 4 hours there, and my kids didn't want to leave.  

In addition to the two rides, they had an awesome Mini Town, which was areas of Tokyo made out of Legos, a Master Builder class where an instructor led a group of kids through building a penguin out of regular blocks, a race car area where you could build a car and then race them down 3 different sized ramps (this was for sure Will's favorite area), a Lego Friends karaoke area, a giant, soft squishy Lego blocks building area, a giant jungle gym, and a Ninjago training run where you had to make it through a tunnel with lasers without touching any of them.  So, while not being huge, it definitely had enough to offer our kids and keep them entertained for several hours!  Going back will be a great outing this winter when we're trying to escape the cold!

GPS Coordinates: 35.629292, 139.776350


  1. I love reading about your adventures!! I also love your blog posts because I used all your kickin it in SA posts to put together a welcome packet for new move ins and give them ideas of places to check out, so thanks for that... Now if I ever go to Japan I'll know all the great spots �� also I love the pic of Clara with the mic next to the Lego girl and I admit when I saw it I started singing the best friends forever song from the Lego friends show!

    1. i'm so glad you were able to use those blog posts for your welcome packet! and i love that you know that friends forever song--so funny!