Sunday, September 28, 2014

Kyoto Trip: Toei Kyoto Studio Park

When we were planning our Kyoto trip, we knew that we'd be visiting lots of shrines and gardens, and so we tried to make sure to include attractions that our kids would enjoy as well.  And, so, with William being as into ninjas as he is, we sought out some ninja stuff to do, which is how we came upon the Toei Kyoto Studio Park.

Toei Kyoto Studio Park is actually an Edo period movie set, where tons of movies have been, and are still, filmed.  But, in addition to just being able to walk around in an old-fashioned looking Japanese village, there are a bunch of fun things to do.  There are live ninja shows and people walking around in ninja, samurai, and geisha costumes, there are restaurants and shops, and then there are fun attractions like a ninja training course, ninja mystery house, maze, haunted house, and costume/photo shop.  William was in heaven.  His favorite was the ninja training course, which he went through twice.  While this place was somewhat pricey, it was definitely worth giving Will the ninja experience that he's been wanting since we moved to Japan.

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