Monday, February 10, 2014

Stained Glass Paper Valentine Hearts

I have a fun and easy Valentine's Day project for you today: easy, kid-craftable stained glass hearts!  This is such a fun project, and can really be used any time throughout the year for a fun craft or to make holiday decorations.

I think these turn out better with the more color you put into them, but William was determined to make spiderman's web on one and Wall-E on the other (his Wall-E and spiderman obsession continues).  And, since this project was really just about having fun with him, we went with it . . . I also like his heart shape the best as well :)

Here's how to make your very own stained glass decoration . . .

1.  Draw a picture on plain white paper with crayons.  (The darker you color with the crayons, the better it will look.)

2.  After you're done coloring, brush vegetable oil over the entire picture so that it's completely covered.

3.  While the picture is drying, wipe off any excess oil.

4.  Punch a hole at the top of your decoration and tie yarn or string through it so that you can hang it in front of a window.  Or . . . just tape it directly to the window and let the light shine through!

This was fun and Will loves to see his hearts hanging from the window, but I'm excited to give this stained glass paper craft a try next time!

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  1. Cute!!! I love a good Valentine's kid's activity! Thanks for visiting Night Owl Corner....just stopping by to check out your blog too!