Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The ABC's of Summer

I am definitely not taking credit for this one, but it's such a fun activity that I thought I definitely need to share! I actually heard of this idea from my sister, Whitney. She and her three kids starting doing this at the beginning of the summer and it was going so well, that I thought we really needed to incorporate the ABC's of Summer into our routine as well!

It's pretty simple. Get 26 craft sticks and label them each with a letter A-Z. Then, on each stick write an activity that corresponds to the letter. Go in order throughout the summer, or as we are doing it, let your children draw out a random one each day and go for it! (Some of our activities need to be planned, so those ones are chosen on certain days, but a lot of them are simple and can be done spontaneously.) It was really fun to have William help me decide on the activities while working on spelling at the same time. And because he helped in the process, there are several activities in the jar that he can hardly wait to do!

We tried to get a good mix of activities that we can do at home as well as fun outings. (And most of our outings include going to places where we already have passes :)) Some of our other activities include: Bug hunt, Donuts and a Dance party, Exercising in the park, Heart attack a friend's house, Visiting a children's museum, Water fight, and Zoo.


  1. You're such a fun mom! Thanks for inspiring me to do more with my kids, I need to get out more with them!!

    1. uh...you're already the funnest mom ever! who else gets their kids their own bounce house?!

  2. We fulfilled our "A" today - Aquarium Visit! Hope Will's having fun with it.

  3. i have a bunch of craft sticks from a chore jar, so i should do this. my girls like to wrap washi tape around one end...you seem like the type who would own that! love your blog. "M"...move to NC. that's about as fun as i've been all summer!