Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kickin' it in SA: Apple Picking at Love Creek Orchards

Last weekend we went apple picking at Love Creek Orchards in Medina. And it was HOT! And fun!

Medina is about an hour northwest of San Antonio. There are several orchards/farms in the towns surrounding San Antonio, so if you're out here in spring/summer/fall, then I definitely recommend going out to pick your own fruits! It was a totally new and fun experience for Will, and he could hardly wait to bite into one of his newly picked apples. 

It seems like the fruit seasons tend to come a bit earlier here in South Texas than in other places due to the climate--I mean, we were picking apples in July!!! Strawberries and blackberries have already come and gone down in our neck of the woods. I would make sure to check local orchards before driving out to them in case the harvest has already come and gone! Here is a link to a website that will direct you to orchards in the area, and it has lists of what/when is available for picking. So, grab your kiddos and get pickin'!