Thursday, July 18, 2013

H is for Heart Attack

As part of our ABC's of Summer, the other day, Will drew the letter "H". And, of course . . .

We gathered our supplies: our Do a Dot Markers, construction paper, and scissors, and then we got to work. Will and I had a great time decorating and cutting out the hearts while Clara napped. 

Then . . . the REALLY fun part! We put tape on the back of our hearts and drove down to our friend's house, and very quietly "attacked" their front door! 

We finished off with a good ol' doorbell ditching and we were on our way! We hope they liked it!

And who knew that heart attacking was good for more than just asking/answering to dances in high school and for church activities?! This would also be a great activity to do for a preschool letter "H" activity or as part of a fun service-oriented family night! 

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