Sunday, August 21, 2016

2016 Cherry Blossoms

This year I didn't feel nearly as stressed out to get to every single sakura spot before the cherry blossoms disappeared like I did last year.  Instead, we picked a few places we really wanted to visit and then just enjoyed the season!  I loved going all over the place last year, but it was so much more enjoyable this year because it didn't feel like such a task!  

Clara, Bennett, and I started out the season by going on a bike ride with our friends, Leanna VanDusen and Natalie Trowbridge and their little ones.  We rode our mamacharis down the path out the east gate over to Show Park and back.  These were actually some of the best blossoms I've seen!  Almost the entire path (about 3 miles) was covered in blossoms making it feel so magical.  We had a really fun day riding along with friends and enjoying the beautiful sakura!

We also went to the Hamura Sakura Festival this year, after having missed it last year.  And it was wonderful!  The path along the river is lined with sakura trees and they hang charming red lanterns from the trees during the sakura season.  We walked along the path enjoying delicious festival food, playing little festival games, and Peter and I tried out the super hot foot onsen!  It was a really fun day.

Some of the very best cherry blossoms every year are the ones here on base!  We have several sakura lined streets, and so one day on our walk to church, we stopped and took some family photos with the blossoms.

And I can't forget to include shots from Peter's bike rides!  Here are a couple of shots from the pagoda close by Tama Lake, just about 10 minutes from the base.

And, our last hanami spot this year was a repeat from last year, but we couldn't miss it because it's our favorite spot!  We went back to Inokashira Park in Kichijoji to ride the swan boats and enjoy the sakura with hundreds of other people!  

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