Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Down Unda: Sydney Days 3 & 4

On day 3 in Sydney, we decided to take a tour bus out to the Blue Mountains.  We used the company, Oz Trails, and they were awesome.  Our driver was extremely knowledgable about the landscape, history, including all of the Aboriginal history and lore, and he also taught us survival and medicinal, and apothecary tips using the local shrubs, trees and foliage.  And the Blue Mountains are so, so, so breathtakingly gorgeous! 

We stopped to check out an ancient Aboriginal carving of a kangaroo:

And continued on to a little hike or "bush walk" to a lookout point over Wentworth Falls.  

This is the hollow tree that a didgeridoo is made of. 

After Wentworth Falls, we got back on our bus and went over to Scenic World to see the famous 3 Sisters rock formation and more of the scenery within the Blue Mountains.  We took the Skyway, Australia's highest cable car, the Cableway, walked through the forest on their Walkway, and then took the Railway, which is the steepest in the world!  And it was steep!  Our kids were practically crying they were so scared!  It was awesome.

We took a ferry cruise home after a full day of visiting the Blue Mountains.  It was a perfect day of beautiful sights and fun bush walks.  I'm really glad we decided to go and see them.  

Day 4 in Sydney was city time!  We spent the entire day just doing more sightseeing within the city.  We started out by walking down to the Sydney Opera House and checking the place out.

After the Opera House, we meandered our way through the Royal Botanic Garden and let the kids run around, roll down hills, and smell the flowers.  The gardens, right on the water in the middle of the city, are beautiful.  Sydney really is one of the most scenic and beautiful cities in the world!

After exploring the gardens, we walked over to the Sydney Tower Eye, the tall tower that looms over the city.  Along the way we had fun window shopping and checking out local street festivals and the city crowds.

Now, we've been to a lot of tall towers in our travels, but for whatever reason, our kids LOVED the Tower Eye.  Actually, I think I know the reason:  their 5 minute 4D movie about Sydney that everyone watches before taking the elevator up to the observation deck level!  Our kids wanted to go back just to see the movie again!  So funny.  And, then after checking out the views from the top, we splurged and bought the cheesy green screen photos because they were just too funny!

We finished out our day by heading over to Luna Park, a 1930s style amusement park.  It was a fun atmosphere, but unfortunately our kids couldn't go on very many of the rides.  But we had a fun time nonetheless!

We love Sydney!  We had such a great time exploring and we'd love to go back again!

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