Friday, May 20, 2016

Dental Conference in Guam

In January (I know, I know, still trying to get caught up . . . ), we joined Peter on an extended weekend trip to Guam.  He had to go to present a couple of lectures of continuing education at the Guam Dental Society's Dental Conference.  And since the Dental Society was paying for Peter's flight and hotel, we decided it was too great of an opportunity to pass up and we decided to pack up the family and all go together!

The only downer about the trip was that Will was plagued with a terrible stomach bug that hit the day after we arrived.  Of course.  We have traveled and had bad luck with sick kids so many times now that I don't know why I ever expect everyone to be healthy!  Luckily, he was only sick for a couple of days and was still able to have loads of fun (despite a rough night of vomiting).

We stayed at the Hilton, which had beautiful pools, one of which was an infinity pool and another had a slide that Will pretty much spent the entire time going down.  We spent much of the first two days at the hotel swimming and hanging out and letting Will recover.

It was pretty rainy one day, but we decided to go and check out the Fish Eye Marine Park anyway!  The Fish Eye is an underwater observatory about 1000 feet out in the water.  We got drenched on the walk out there!  But it was worth it!  The kids loved seeing the fish out the windows and it was an easy, quick visit.

My favorite day in Guam was when we went to Tarza Waterpark.  A little old, and some parts rundown, but it was so much fun!  And absolutely perfect for our kids!  Will loved the rainbow slides and Benny and Clara loved the beach entrance to the lazy river.  Peter and I tried all the big slides and had a blast as well!

One evening we went out to Two Lovers Point, the site of an ancient Chamorro legend of two forbidden lovers that run away to the cliffs over the ocean and tie their hair together before they jump to their death.  Kind of a tragic if you ask me!  But the views were spectacular!!!

Probably the funniest thing we did in Guam was going to a local morning flea market!  It was . . . not quite what we were expecting!  Haha, it was more like a yard sale with a bunch of people selling their kids' old toys!  Pretty funny.  But, hey!  We got Clara an Elsa Barbie doll with some little girl's scrunchie in her hair and Will got a nerf gun that works most of the time!  So so awesome.

We also spent a day at the awesome PIC waterpark.  The PIC is a hotel, but you can buy a day pass to their waterpark, which is what we did.  They have everything--pools of all sizes, slides, water toys and obstacles, canoes, and a beautiful beach.  And the lunch buffet was amazing!!!

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