Monday, February 15, 2016

Adventures in Vietnam: The Marble Mountains and Lady Buddha

Our last adventures in Vietnam were to visit The Marble Mountains and Lady Buddha in Da Nang.  The Marble Mountains are magnificent.  They pop right up out of flat terrain and are entirely marble! It was incredible to walk through one of the mountains, feeling the cool-to-the-touch marble walls and seeing the extraordinary statues and carved out caves.  And the temples and shrines built on the mountain were equally as impressive and beautiful!


To get up into the mountain and to see the shrines, we took a giant elevator built into its side. From there, we had beautiful views and could just start right on to the hike that took us in and out of caves and to see all of the amazing statues and things that had been carved out of the mountain.

Just down the street from the Marble Mountains is the Cao Dai Temple.  It was actually closed when we went, but there were some people who lived/worked on the property that let us in to see it and walk around!  It was truly unlike any other temple/church I've ever been in!

And, lastly, we drove along the beautiful coast, past the round fishing boats and up another mountainside to see the giant Lady Buddha that stands watch over Da Nang.  It was such a gorgeous day, and being up above city and the sea was absolutely breathtaking!

Vietnam was so so wonderful!  I hope to go back someday to explore Hanoi and all of its many other beautiful coastlines and cities!

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