Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Adventures in Vietnam: Hoi An Ancient Town

After an amazing 4 days in Cambodia, we hopped over to Vietnam to continue our adventures!  We rented another awesome house (through Airbnb) in Hoi An, Vietnam that fit all 16 of us comfortably, and that was also just steps away from the beach.  It was absolutely perfect.  

The view from the back of the house was beautiful.  Full of palm trees, greenery, and flowers.  Then, just behind the yard was a path that led right down to the beach!

Hoi An is so beautiful--set along the coast, but once you leave the beach areas, you drive right through rice fields with water buffalo grazing and then onto the small city full of shops and businesses.

The first thing we did in Hoi An, besides run down to check out the beach, was to go to the Hoi An Ancient Town.  The ancient town was a really neat little village with original homes, shrines, and shops, some of which were built in the 17th and 18th centuries.  Many of the especially old homes have been preserved and are on display in their original condition.  It was fascinating to see what an old port town would look like.  The town is now full of souvenir shops, restaurants, art and cultural displays and performances, and street food and vendors.  We had a fabulous time walking around shopping, watching traditional Vietnamese dancers and singers, eating, and even taking a little boat tour down the river.

Those little, yellow, round cakes were potato-coconut pancakes and they were sooo delicious!

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