Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fish Farm Fishing in the Hills of Japan

A few weeks ago, we went fishing at a fish farm up a canyon that Peter and I (Peter much more frequently than I) ride our bikes up.  All along the road leading up the mountain is a river, and it's on this river that there are fish farms.  The fish farm company has set rocks and boulders in the river to make small pools to collect fish.  It is these pools that people can then come and fish from.  However, the day we went was just following a typhoon that had recently passed through nearby areas, dumping tons and tons of rain on us here in Tokyo.  The rains were so heavy that the rivers were overflowing with such power that the pools could not contain the water and fish.  So, as an alternative, they had a small pool filled with fish that we were able to fish from.

We rented poles, which were very long bamboo sticks with fishing line and hooks, and began fishing!  It was easy and fun and the kids had a blast.

After we caught all of our fish, we were able to choose whether we wanted to take them home just like that, have them cleaned and gutted, or cleaned, gutted, and cooked right there!  We chose to have them cooked up for us, and the kids loved watching the guy rip the guts out (ew), clean them, and thrown them on the grill.  And then we ate them--whole!  They were surprisingly delicious!

This was such a fun activity--and I'm sure it'd be even better fishing in the river :)  

GPS Coordinates:  35.763712, 139.212707

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