Thursday, July 2, 2015

Take Me Out to the Seibu Lions Baseball Game!

Not more than 10 minutes from our house is the Seibu Dome, home of the professional baseball team, the Seibu Lions.  Since we moved here a year ago, we've talked about going to a game down there, and we finally made it happen last weekend!  We went with two other families and had a blast.

The Seibu Dome is a really cool stadium; it's actualky open/outdoor, but has a giant umbrella-like covering over the top.  This keeps it nice and cool with the breeze flowing through and it keeps the rain and harsh sunshine out.  Plus, somehow, it seems really small; every seat is a good seat!

Going to a professional baseball game in Japan felt so different than going to a game in the states.  I don't know exactly what it was, maybe the fact that they sell katsu curry at the snack bar instead of footlongs???  Or maybe it's the fact that the girls walking up and down the aisles selling beer look more like Harajuku girls in beer-branded cheerleading outfits.  Or maybe it's the fact that normally Japanese people are so quiet and reserved, but at baseball games they go CRAZY!!!!  They had noise makers, everyone was wearing team gear, and they would sing full songs and chants the entire time!  It was actually pretty awesome; it took a while for Clara to get used to it.  She was really upset by the noise when we first got there!

But, as you can see, Clara warmed up quickly and was back to her normal, goofy self in no time!

You can get the Lions' game schedule here, and the GPS Coordinates for the Seibu Dome are:

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