Thursday, June 25, 2015

Yamaguchi Kannon // Pagoda near Seibu Dome and Tamako Lake

Just about 10 minutes from our house is the Yamaguchi Kannon, or "the pagoda by Tamako Lake and the Seibu Dome," as it's more commonly known around here :)

Complete with a beautiful orange pagoda, a temple, offering houses, dragons, stone carvings of the lunar year gods, cemetery, and caged rooster and peacocks (!).  They really have everything!  We had a lot of fun exploring the grounds and marveling at the beauty of all of the buildings and stone carvings.

I think the kids have perfected their dragon faces!

Here's the stone carving of the god for the lunar year of the rooster, which is what Peter and I are.  These carvings were incredible!  They were each carved out of a large rock, which was still intact all around it.

Clara and I have loved seeing all of the hydrangeas this season, and so here we, posing with our "pretty flower faces."  That girl is such a little riot.

There's a cemetery on the hill near the pagoda, but also, in front of the temple are these steps of small statues.  I'm not sure if there are remains in each of these, but there were hundreds of these little statues and shrines, and many of them looked to be dedicated to babies and young children.

And, probably the craziest part of the whole property are the caged rooster and peacocks!  This guy was showing off his feathers for us!

We love having so many beautiful and unique cultural destinations so close to our home!

*I don't have the GPS coordinates, but if you take the road that the Aeon Mall is on, and follow it all the way past the street that the obstacle course park is on, it will be a little further up (about a mile) on the left.  You can't miss the giant pagoda!

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