Monday, June 29, 2015

Experiencing Tokyo: Odaiba, Toyota Megaweb, and Zepp

On Andrew's last day in Japan, we really tried to pack it in!  We started out by going to Odaiba in Tokyo to check out Megaweb, Toyota's huge showroom.  We got there a little early though, so we walked through Diver City's Zepp's game/stimulation overload room and took some really soft and sweet photobooth pictures, then we played a big game of Mario Kart!  It was super fun!

Toyota Megaweb was pretty cool, but the whole experience is much better if you can speak Japanese; there are cars you can drive and race, but only fluent Japanese speakers are allowed to participate.  Boo.  Oh well, we took advantage of everything else!  We checked out all their cars, the regular ones, plus a bunch of race cars they had on display.  There were also several simulated driving games that we could play.  Will was loving it.

After spending a couple of hours at Toyota, we ate lunch at the mall next door and scored some awesome trick sunglasses and some pictures with Love Live cosplay girls!  Kawaiiiiiiiiii!!!!

From Odaiba, we cruised down to Kamakura!  Stay tuned for more pictures of our adventures in my next post :)

GPS Coordinates for Toyota Megaweb (Zepp is just next door!):  35.627090, 139.782530

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