Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Thailand and Singapore Trip: Phuchada Safari Snake Show

After our elephant trekking, we headed down the road a bit to the Phuchada Safari Park to see their snake show!  Lately, Will has been really into snakes (he asked for one for Christmas, but Santa knew that his mom wasn't ready for that kind of slithery commitment, and so he brought him and the other kids each a rubber snake . . . ), and so he was stoked to go see a real live snake show.  Turns out, seeing deadly snakes really close up is kind of terrifying!

First, anyone who chose to, had a chance to hold a snake.  Will opted out, and I was excited to and didn't have any worries until it started trying to wrap itself around my torso . . . then I handed that bad boy right off!

The snake charmer was NUTS.  Seriously.  He spent the entire time just taunting the snakes!  And, to really get a rise out of us, he KISSED a cobra.  That was honestly one of the craziest things I have ever seen!  It was a wild experience.  And the kids were totally freaked out!

Afterwards, we stopped at a local spot and ate some delicious Thai food (I ordered an entire fish!) and took some pictures at a beautiful look-out.  

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