Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hamura Zoo

The other day, Peter was on a bike ride and so I needed a nice, short outing between Bennett's naps that was close to home.  So, we went to the Hamura Zoo and it was perfect!  It's a cute little zoo (although it's got nothin' on the Singapore Zoo) that is great for getting some sunshine, letting the kids run around, and they even have the funniest little "petting zoo" area with baby chicks and guinea pigs!  So Japanese.  And so funny.

The kids loved it, especially the petting zoo, which really surprised me.  Usually my kids don't really like to get too close to animals, and they rarely like to touch them, but they loved the chicks and guinea pigs!  Will was all over it.  He didn't even want to leave!  Benny also seemed to love the chicks and guinea pigs, however, I had to keep an eye and a hand on him at all times to make sure those little guys didn't get mauled!  

GPS Coordinates to the zoo parking lot: 35.767129, 139.33078

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