Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cherry Blossoms Part 2

Since Ueno Park is the mecca for hanami, or sakura viewing, it was number one on my list of places to visit.  So, last week we headed into Tokyo to experience Ueno Park and all of its crowds and cherry blossom glory.  And it did not disappoint!  We ate snacks and wandered around under the main sakura tree-lined path of the park, enjoyed being surrounded by people doing the same, and took lots and lots of pictures . . . 

After walking through the main part of the park, we went down to the lake where all of the festival food vendors were set up and we bought lots of yummy food like cotton candy, pancakes shaped like Doraemon and Hello Kitty, yakitori, yakisoba, and some more chocolate-dipped pancakes on a stick.  We ate them as we looked over the lake with the cherry blossoms picturesquely hanging over the edges.

And then, right as we were leaving, all of the lanterns were turned on amidst the sakura, making it the perfect ending to our visit to Ueno Park!

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