Sunday, February 8, 2015

Dohton Bori - Okonomiyaki Restaurant

This last weekend we went out for okonomiyaki (which is like a vegetable and meat pancake) here in Fussa.  We've made okonomiyaki at home in the past--it's super easy!  But, we had never gone out to an okonomiyaki restaurant before.  It was delicious and fun, although I don't think we'll be doing it with young kids again any time soon!  Or, at the very least, without a squirmy almost toddler in tow.  Bennett tried too hard too often to touch the burning hot griddle in the center of our table!

Aside from keeping Bennett from burning his chubby little hands, it was a fun experience.  After choosing what type of okonomiyaki you'd like, they serve it to you in a bowl like this:

Once you get your bowl of ingredients, you stir it up really well, being sure to combine the egg so that it all sticks together and then just plop it on the griddle!  Pretty easy and very delicious!  We also ordered some gyoza and yakisoba for the kids.  They ate everything, but both kids seemed to like the okonomiyaki the best!  I love being here and exposing my kids to new foods--and it's even better when they surprise by liking it!

Dohton Bori is in Fussa, just a couple minutes from the base.
GPS Coordinates: 35.738075, 139.332645

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