Sunday, January 4, 2015

Viking Tabehoudai

Back in November, for Peter's and my 6th anniversary we went to a really classy restaurant . . . the Viking Tabehoudai.  Which, in English, is an all-you-can-eat restaurant!  See, classy, right???  Ha ha, not at all, but it was so good and such a fun night!

Peter has such fond memories of being a missionary and going with other missionaries and stuffing their faces at tabehoudais, and he's been wanting to find a good one since we moved here.  Then, I actually kept hearing about Viking and that is was indeed good food and worth the experience.  So . . . when our anniversary rolled around and we didn't have any plans for dinner, I suggested that we try Viking out.  And, it did not disappoint!

It definitely wasn't the fanciest anniversary dinner we've ever had, but it was a lot of fun and THEY HAD A COTTON CANDY MACHINE.  I mean, what could be better????

GPS Coordinates:
35.812549, 139.377166

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