Monday, January 19, 2015


Last week, the Japanese ward that we share our church building with, invited us to join them for mochitsuki!  Mochitsuki is the pounding of rice until it turns into mochi, and  it's done at the beginning of every year.  It was really fun to participate in such a classic Japanese tradition!  We had a chance to pound the rice into mochi--which was surprisingly tough!  And then Peter and Will helped to roll the mochi into individual sized balls.  

Once all of the mochi was pounded and formed into balls, we were able to eat it!  The cute kids from the other ward were there to serve us; they offered chocolate pieces, peanut butter powder, nori (seaweed), lima bean powder (I have to admit that I didn't try that one . . . ), and an (sweetened red bean paste).  It was all so delicious!


  1. How fun! Love me some mochi!!! One of my favorite treats is ice cream filled mochi. It's been so fun to see all of your adventures. I'm dying to get out there to visit you guys. I told Ty last night that we should sell my car to fund a trip out there 😉

    1. haha!!! do it!!! we would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have you guys come visit! it's really so awesome here--and you have to try the mochi ice cream here, it's even better than the kind you can get at home!