Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Neighborhood Olympics

Last week, we had "The Neighborhood Olympics", organized, practiced, planned, and executed entirely for and by this group of kids.  Here they are lined up for the bike race.  (Peter joined in as the support vehicle for William, since he'd only learned how to ride a 2-wheeler the day before!  But he did totally awesome and raced his heart out!)  For the Olympics, they also competed in three-legged races, soccer, and a triathlon (bike, run, jump)!  I swear these kids have endless amounts of energy!

I love these kids.  This pictures explains one of the most important reasons why I love where we live.  We share a backyard with all of these kids, and this isn't even all of them!  Will is in heaven every single day, running around from the moment he gets home from preschool until dinner time.  And Clara tries to escape the house to join the fun every chance she gets as well!  They are really making wonderful memories here.

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