Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bali Trip: Uluwatu Temple

I was going to try and get the rest of our Bali trip all into one blog post, and then I realized that we've got about 400 photos from just three spots that we visited so I'd better split it into three more posts!  So, bear with me!

Our first excursion from our hotel was to the Uluwatu Temple, a Hindu temple built on cliffs overlooking the Indian Ocean.  Neither Peter nor I knew what to expect, and we were absolutely blown away by the breathtaking views from the cliffs.  I don't know if I've ever been in such an awesome and majestic place before.  It was no wonder at all as to why the temple was built in such a place; I don't know how anyone can visit this spot without marveling at God's creations and feeling grateful and humbled to live in such a beautiful world.

Upon arriving at the temple and paying admission to the grounds, adults not wearing pants are given a purple sarong to wear, and children and people wearing pants are given a yellow sash.  These are worn out of respect for the temple.  And, then another surprise walking up to the cliffs was seeing wild monkeys along the side of the paths!  They didn't look especially friendly though, so we kept our distance :)  They were fun to see though!

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