Saturday, August 30, 2014


Before we ever moved to Japan, Peter and I always loved going out to eat.  Combine that with our love for Japanese food, and now actually being in Japan and exploring our new city, and it's trouble.  We eat out way too often!

One of our favorite family spots that we've discovered since being here is Hamazushi.  It's a conveyer belt sushi restaurant!  AND! It's only ¥100 per plate (which was usually two pieces of sushi).  Some items, like karage, or different types of noodles were ¥200/plate, but still totally cheap.  We ended up getting a ton of food for a great price.

The sushi isn't the best sushi I've ever had, but it's definitely good.  That, plus the entertainment and novelty factors of being able to choose our food as it rolled by, made it an instant winner in our book. The kids ate really well too.  Will likes shrimp sushi, both kids love rice and noodles, and we can usually get them to eat karage or little pieces of beef that were served on different items.  In other words, there were plenty of things that my kids would eat, unlike a lot of sushi restaurants that are limited to only sushi.

I LOVE sushi, however, there are still a few things that even I won't try . . . 

Full squid served on some rice with mayo like it's no big deal?!  And don't worry, I've seen these same type of squid sold at the grocery store and they were about 10 times the size!  

There are several Hamazushi restaurants around, but the closest one to base is really easy to get to.  Just turn right out the east gate and drive until you see it on your left (it's right before the Moritown Mall and close to the Akishima train station).  

GPS Coordinates: 
35.714904, 139.365382

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